Who we are


Who we are

Every day between meetings conferences and family duties, it’s hard to find time for healthy cooking.

At eat2five we know how in a professional way design a healthy and delicious diet.

With eat2five you will eat 5 tasty meals a day and you will be able to get proper eating habits and eating patterns.

Our Chef will take care of a variety of meals and will prepare fresh and tasty food every morning.

eat2five gives you an innovative approach to cooking and full of vitamins seasonal products.

Our values

  • We focus on health, freshness, and finesse of taste
  • We do our diets based on WHO recommendations
  • We always choose top quality natural products from proven suppliers
  • We do not use preservatives or flavor-enhancers
  • We use natural spices and herbs
  • We prepare meals at our own Production Centre, where food safety standards are implemented
  • We use our own delivery service

What do we guarantee?

  • A healthy and properly balanced diet
  • 5 tasty and varied meals a day
  • Timely delivery

How will you benefit


Instead of thinking about what to cook, wasting time in supermarkets, you have time for you and your family and friends.

Time Saver

Relax, read a book, have a drink with your friends……

All this cooking leave to qualified professionals from eat2five.

Money Saver

No cooking at your place means:

  • more money saved on energy, gas or water.
  • fewer visits to the shops and less money spend on unhealthy snacks or unnecessary food that ends in a trash can.

Healthy nutritional habits

You will eat regularly and will not feel hunger between meals.